125gr Flat Base 30 Cal Bullets

125gr Flat Base 30 Cal Bullets

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Alco flat base bullets are well suited for Bench Rest matches that shoot flat base bullets. They are ran on an ultra sound machine and sorted by weight & base to Ogive.

Our flat base bullets are great in the Blackout platform in both AR and bolt rifles, the long profile allows greater velocities as the weight is forward and allows for more case capacity.

Both light and heavy weights are great in hunting apps, 220 & 230 gr bullets are great in Hog hunting, well placed shots with lighter bullets work well. The bullet profile allows you to shoot longer distance and add long legs on a sub sonic platform.

Using the aluminum tip gives you approximately 0.50 thousandths longer bullet and will shift the weight to the rear of bullet and adds to the BC.

Metal tips do not deform under pressures created form firing in large loads such as 300 Wins & Ultra’s.  Weights are consistent base to Ogive are held to .001-.002 thou to make OAL consistent.

Base to ogive will be +- 0.002  weights will be +-  2 / 10ths GR

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